Introducing new ways of sharing in Tresorit

Introducing new ways of sharing in Tresorit

Meet our new, simplified file sharing process that offers more options to share files, folders, and tresors securely with clients and partners.

File sharing is a primary feature of Tresorit that has evolved a lot in the past years. Our patented, end-to-end encryption technology ensures the security of the sharing process since the very beginning. On top of this, we have been continuously improving usability and adding new, handy features. The latest revamp is the most comprehensive update of our sharing process yet, making it easier for our users to send files, folders, and tresors to everyone they wish.

When developing new features, our main source of inspiration is the feedback and feature requests we receive. The possibility to share entire tresors and folders and let everyone view their contents has been on top of the wish list. PR agencies share press materials with journalists, employees at a consultancy company send several project files to their partners, law firms present many agreements and legal documents to their clients. These scenarios all require sending files that are neatly organized in folders. However, as they often involve one-off business relationships, the recipients don’t necessarily have a Tresorit account.

Having work situations like these in mind, we had three goals when rethinking file sharing:

  • Clearly differentiate the two main methods of sharing in Tresorit. First, inviting someone to become a member of a tresor with an email address and collaborate on the files by having an account. Second, sharing tresors, folders, and files by sending a link and allow all recipients of the link to easily access and download the files.
  • Further enhance the security of our users by providing them more file sharing options with their professional network.
  • Make sharing with clients, partners and contractors smarter and more convenient. Beyond links to files, links to tresors and folders will simplify sharing with those without a Tresorit account and enable presenting documents in a structured way.

What has changed?

  • We unified the user interface of the web app and desktop applications. Now sharing works the same on both our web and desktop apps. The two different options to invite new members to a tresor or share with a link are clearly displayed.sharingblog
  • We extended link-based sharing to folders and tresors. After some coding, we solved cryptography key management challenges, so it is now possible to send links to anything: to files, folders and tresors. Similar to the link-based file sharing Tresorit already offered, our users can now set up password protection and a download limit for additional security to folders and tresors too. We recommend using password protection for everything you share. Please make sure to use a second communications channel (like texting or phone call) when sending passwords!Share files via link
  • We made links smarter to update content automatically. This means that if you change something in the folder or update a file, the recipient of the link will automatically access the updated file. You don’t have to resend another link to your customer after you updated material.emaillink
  • We also added the preview option for PDF and JPG files.

We’re eager to hear more insights on how you share files with your team and clients. Please keep the comments and requests coming at!

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